Song: “Your body All Over My body” by Keith Sweat

They met through a mutual friend. Jayla a sassy white girl and Charles tall and  handsome a chocolate man. Jayla and C harles have been dating for 6 months now. Jayla’s parents are not very accepting of their daughters choice to date a black. Some of Jayla’s friends are fine with it.

Jayla and Charles will be moving in together in a few weeks. They have been searching for a new apartment.  On the day that they were going to look at a new place something happens.

Jayla is shocked at first…then realizes it was not as bad as it seemed. 

Come back tomorrow….to hear the shocking news….


Are you afraid to date outside your race?

Have you ever considered dating or marrying someone outside your race..? Are you afraid of what friends or family members will say…? Here are my 5 tips for dating outside your race.

1). Make sure that this is what you really want to do. If you hesitate because of what people will say..then you are depriving yourself from getting the love you want. Let it feel natural to you and just have fun.

2). Just meet the person for coffee or a drink…have others around you so you wont feel alone. Be yourself and enjoy the fellowship together and the conversation. Start slow if you don’t feel that comfortable at first.

3). Chat on the phone or online if you don’t know the person that well..  Chat about how you feel a little hesitant …because maybe the other person may b feeling the same. 

4). Start out casually at first…don’t rush anything that you are not sure about. Discuss it with friends…check to see if they would approve….or ask their views about interracial dating.

5). Give it some time…eventually you will get to know that person and will begin to like them and you will see that the color of our skin will not matter after all..

I have been interracially dating for many years…and I am here to help you understand what it is all about… I can answer your questions …email me at

A Jamaican Lover

She forces her suitcase closed and combs her beautiful golden blonde locks of hair. She double checks her blue tote bag for her ticket to Kingston, Jamaica.

She rushes downstairs to answer the door, her friend Karen is standing there as Janella opens the door.  “Are you all packed” Karen says. ” I am so nervous, I am a mess, my stomach is in knots.” Spews Janella.

Karen pops the trunk of her car and helps Janella places her bright red suitcases into the hot trunk. 

I hope this is all worth it. Janella was thinking to herself. What if this is a mistake and the guy she has been dating online is a fake.

Karen drives Janella to Chicago O’Hare airport, Janella will be taking her flight from Chicago to Orlando. She will board a connecting flight to Kingston, Jamaica.

In the meantime, Charles who is a chef is putting the finishing touches on the exquisite dinner he has prepared in advance for Janella’s arrival to his home town in Jamaica.

Charles is also nervous but is too afraid to show it, he gives final dinner instructions to his staff. Charles is the master chef at “The Billings” restaurant the finest dining in Kingston.

Janella arrives in Orlando after a very noisy and turbulent flight from Chicago. It is her hometown where she has lived most of her life and works as a Social Worker at a Family Services agency.

She met Charles on a online dating service about 8 months ago. They have chatted on the phone and emailed each other. Janella knows this is the man for her.

Janella‘s flight for Air Jamaica is now calling passengers. Her flight will take about 2 hours. 

Charles anxiously awaits her arrival. He thinks he has spotted her deplaning.

She is dressed in a baby blue two- piece jacket and skirt…she has beautiful legs and is about 5ft 8 inches tall.

She gets into the airport and is searching for Charles…when all of a sudden someone taps her on the shoulder….she turns around and he hands her a bouquet of yellow roses and gently kisses her on the forehead.

They wait together for her red suitcases. He places her suitcases in the trunk of his 2010 C-320 Mercedes Benz. They chit chat as they ride to his home. She notices how big his house is…She wonders why a single man would have such a big house.

Janella is surprised as she enters the house to find six small children and four women in the house…? What is going on here..?


Interracial Relationships

I am writing this blog because I would like feedback on what people think about the exploding trend of interracial dating. I am not an expert in this area but I have a lot of personal stories about this topic. I have immediate family members that are bi-racial and I love them all. I just feel that sometimes women who are dating blacks get a bad rap.  Anyway I would appreciate any comments on the topic and I hope to share with you…my experiences.

Black and White….Do you dare date outside your race..?

Black and White….Do you dare date outside your race..?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many interracial relationships….? Would you ever date outside of your race…? Would you be afraid of what people might think of you if you did..?  Many years ago it was a crime for a black man to date a white woman.  Many black were killed for dating a white woman.  

These topics and more will be discussed in great detail on my blog. I will tell you about my experience while dating black.